Okay, I get asked so many times how to get free access to all the best porn and erotic nudes online so here’s my tip:

Yes most galleries can be found for free online but in my experience when you add up all of the time (and frustration) it takes to search, find and download everything you want you’d be better off to simply join a site for their lowest subscription (eg $19), download everything and then cancel when you’ve finished.

Everyone seems obsessed with not paying for adult content. Get real dudes, there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s a fuckin’ good deal when you compare access to over 100,000 images and movies to paying $10-$20 for a crappy magazine. Better still get a group of friends to chip in and share it.

It’s simple maths and common sense – smarten up folks. I’ve got better things to do with my time than fart around in search engines or torrents – that’s for pimple faced losers. I’ve already highlighted some of the best erotic sites for you – so what are you waiting for? Get downloading.